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The Artist

The decision to paint, to be artistically active, was already made in my early childhood. For hours I stuck my nose into every art book. Thanks to my mother, I was a regular visitor to the museums in my home region at the tender age of four.


I didn't know the meaning of art back then - but I could feel, feel and see things. And what I felt, felt and saw amazed me. It has remained that way to this day.

For me, art has always been a catalyst in my search for the where from, why and where to - so it is and remains an expression of this still open question for me. The urge to express myself, to realize thoughts, ideas, inner images, in order to get a little closer to the answers on this way, are my daily drive and inspiration.


,The real world is outside of our thoughts and ideas. We see them through the web of our desires, divided into pleasure and pain, inside and outside. In order to see the universe as it is, we have to step out of the web. It's not difficult because it is full of meshes. '


Quote Jack Kornfeld

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